Friday, April 15, 2011

Monster High Cake

Happy Birthday to my daughter! This cake was a total surprise to my little girl and that was the hardest part of constructing this Monster High cake. Her surprise party was actually held a couple days after her birthday and she cried the day before her party saying "Mommy you make everyone else such beautiful cakes and you didn't even make me one!" I almost ruined the surprise at that moment but was able to hold out till her party. Her expression when she finally saw her cake was priceless.

Make a wish Amber! The best part was cutting it open and finding her favorite flavors; vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling...mmmm the best of both worlds...chocolate and vanilla.

I must add that I also made her monster high cupcakes. The toppers were made by my crafty friend Adriana. They were a perfect addition to the pink buttercream and cookies n cream cupcakes.

Oh and if you thought I was the only family member with culinary skills...Well, my dad made a super delicious and creative cake too...yummy.

Lastly, if you were wondering what inspired my idea for the Monster High Cake. Well, my inspiration only measured an inch in height. Found it among Amber's Monster High dolls.

All in all, my daughter had a great 7th birthday. Can't wait to see what next years cake will look like.


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